Terms of service

We keep our clients above of everything. We do not make false promises. It is the reason why we keep our processes as transparent as possible. Our “terms and conditions” of services are the direct reflection of our transparent services. In order to be successful in business, you must have a solid financial foundation in place. In these situations, you may rely on our experience.

Canadian businesses of all sizes can rely on Wealth Cloud’s expertise to grow and prosper. We can help you start or build a business, or even help you maximize your own financial resources, with our knowledge and experience. Our tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services have met their expectations in every way.

With your usage of our service, you consent to us collecting personal data about you and acknowledge and accept that you have the right to be informed of our practices regarding the collection, use, and sharing of that data. Personal information you give us is used by us to offer and improve the product you request.

We collect a variety of information from you in order to provide and improve our service to you. Our service may require you to provide us with your name, email address, and phone number in order to use it.

Wealth Cloud makes extensive use of the information it receives from its clients –

  • In order to ensure that the service is 200% reliable
  • We’ll let you know if we make any alterations to the way we do business
  • In order to allow you to participate in our Service’s interactive elements
  • To assist in the improvement of the service by supplying critical data or analysis
  • To monitor how the service is being utilized
  • Be on the lookout for and on top of any potential technological issues

Privacy policies may change in the future. If we make any changes to our Privacy Policy, we’ll post a new version here so you’ll be the first to know.