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CPA stands for certified public accountant, is a trained financial expert and specializes in accounting. Though many people think CPA is only responsible for preparing taxes, the experts also perform other financial-related work, from auditing and forensic research to financial reporting.

If you run a business successfully in Brampton and want financial expertise by your side, contact a specialist CPA. However, read this article to learn about CPA, the responsibilities of a CPA in Brampton and the difference between a CPA and an accountant.


What is a CPA?

A certified public accountant is a specialized accounting professional who has to pass a tough exam to get license and is considered as the highest designation in finance and accounting. An expert CPA in Brampton assists in tax preparation, and also, provides verified financial information and ensures a business’s financial records are accurate. The professional performs various services, including tax preparation, financial accounting, and audit.


What Does a CPA Do?

A certified public accountant is not just a job title but a designation that allows professionals more flexibility in their work than accountants. Across industries, CPAs are well known for their industry knowledge, reliability and credentials. CPA has in-depth knowledge of accounting, the language of business. A CPA in Brampton  mainly works in the following popular sectors, including,

  • Business and industry.
  • Public accounting.
  • Education.
  • Government.
  • Non-profit.


What are the Responsibilities of a Certified Public Accountant?

Usually, CPA in Brampton organizes and report financial information for individuals or businesses. The key responsibilities of a CPA are,

  1. Prepare financial statements
  2. Oversee financial records
  3. Make strategic planning
  4. Cash management.
  5. Make sure the company complies with state and federal tax requirements
  6. Maintain and review budgets.
  7. Monitor and improve financial management systems.
  8. Bookkeeping
  9. Auditing


What is the Difference between A CPA and an Accountant?

There is a specific difference between a CPA and an Accountant. A CPAin Brampton performs various financial services to help businesses thrive. Keep in mind that a CPA is an accountant, but not all accountants are CPAs. To be a CPA, an individual must pass the CPA exam in Brampton, whereas an accountant does not need that.



CPAs mainly perform public accounting and assurance services in various sectors and part of a governing body. Keep in mind CPAs who work as consultants don’t operate as auditors. On the other hand, accountants don’t have any particular governing body.

The accountants mainly perform planning, maintaining books of accounts and auditing them. An accountant verifies a company’s overall situation and provides appropriate planning and accounting strategy to ensure the company’s upcoming success.


Taxes and Other Regulations

Accountants mainly prepare tax returns but they don’t have extensive knowledge about tax codes like a CPA. In addition, CPAs represent their clients in the tax audit event, but non-CPAs cannot do that.


A Few Effective Tips to Choose a CPA

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a clear idea of how to manage business finance at the beginning of their journey, and that’s why, most business owners hire CPAs to get professional financial guidance.

Remember, a CPA can put your business on the path to financial success and help you to make more money. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire an expert CPA in order to make further financial improvements. The following tips are,

  • Understand what your business requires. Does your business need a tax preparer or a tax planner? Act accordingly.
  • Ask your friends, colleagues and family for a recommendation.
  • The expert is willing to protect your business privacy.
  • Pay attention to their industry experience before hiring.


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As a small business owner, it would be best to avoid wasting time by waiting till February or March and try to hire a CPA as quickly as possible (if you are looking for professional guidance for tax preparation). Since these two months are the busiest time, you may find scheduling an interview with a CPA regarding your business’s financial matters difficult.

Try to hire CPAs during the summer and fall because they will have more time to pay attention to your business better. However, if you want professional financial guidance and help for your business, contact us at Wealth Cloud Accounting Professional Corporation in Brampton.

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